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We can service your business or residential shredding needs, as well as provide a drop off location where you can bring your confidential material. We are priced competitively and AAA NAID Certified. 

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Bayaud provides AAA NAID certified shredding to the Greater Metro Denver area. Whether you are a business or an individual needing shredding services, we can help you.


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Hard drives


floppy disks


What we can shred

We accept all paper documents, file folders, hanging file folders, ring binders, spiral notebooks, floppy disks, X-rays, envelopes, unopened envelopes, old checkbooks, junk mail, magazines, books, etc. We also shred hard drives, back up tapes, CDs, Floppy discs and VHS and audiocassette tapes for an additional fee. See FAQ for more information.



Your medical records, credit card bills, insurance statements, personal letters and other confidential documents can be stolen by identity thieves. Don’t give them the opportunity. You can securely shred these sensitive documents and be assured that your private information stays private.

We offer residential shredding services on a one-time basis, or as a monthly scheduled pick up. It’s quick and easy to set up either option. If you choose the monthly or ongoing service, we will supply the locking shredding bin to make it easy for you to collect all your sensitive documents in one place.



Your employees’ sensitive information and your secret business intelligence are easy for thieves to pilfer right from your internal trash cans or dumpsters. What’s more, sending confidential information to a landfill or recycling center without shredding it first is illegal, according to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, HIPAA, and FACTA laws. Make sure your discarded documents are secure, and your elimination practices are compliant with these federal laws by using Bayaud’s AAA NAID certified shredding services.

We provide locking bins free of charge with monthly or scheduled pick-up service. We can customize a shredding plan at a great price to meet your needs.

Please note, when scheduling a pick-up that we only collect bins from the ground floor, or from buildings with accessible elevators. Our drivers cannot move bins or boxes up or down stairwells.



You can drop off your paper and hard drives for shredding at our AAA NAID certified, secure facility at 333 W. Bayaud Avenue. No need to make an appointment, just arrive during drop-off hours, and we will take care of all your items. Go to the east end of the building by the 2 big garage doors, where there is a regular door with a buzzer.

If you’re moving and cleaning out old files, you will likely have quite a pile of paper to discard. Though it’s tempting just to put it in the trash, don’t. Thieves can use your old bank statements, health records, credit card bills, tax documents, and other confidential information to steal your identity. Pack up all these documents and bring them to our drop-off site. It’s quick and easy to drive up, drop off, and drive away. If you are not sure what you can have shredded, go to the FAQ page for acceptable items.

Getting rid of old computers poses several challenges, not the least of which is making sure the data on the hard drives is destroyed. We make it simple for you to destroy your hard drives with our drop-off service.

When you arrive, let us know you have hard drives. These require special handling. We have to scan and log the serial numbers before we destroy the drives, and we will provide you a copy of the serial numbers log with your invoice/receipt and it includes a Certificate of Destruction. *We do not take the whole computer.

We recycle all the shredded documents and hard drives we shred, so you can feel good that your items won’t end up in landfills. We send more than 3 million pounds of shredded paper to the paper mills each year where it is pulped and becomes recycled material.

There is a minimum charge of $40, which covers up to 400 pounds. Then it is 10 cents for each additional pound.

Please pay by check or money order at time of drop off.  We DO NOT ACCEPT CASH at the drop-off door. If we do not receive payment when you drop off, we will send you an invoice and once you receive your invoice, you can send in a check or go online and pay by credit/debit card if you prefer. 

We will assess a minimum of a $5.00 late charge (or 1.5% of invoice total, whichever is greater) each month that it is late.


Monday through Thursday
8 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. & 9:15 am to 11:30 a.m. & Noon – 2:00 p.m.    *Closed all Federal Holidays and Fridays, see FAQ page for list of holidays


333 W. Bayaud Ave.
Denver, CO 80223


Hard drive destruction

Deleting data from your hard drive doesn’t eliminate it. It just hides it from immediate view. There are ways to permanently delete files, but they can be time-consuming and require a fair amount of computer skills. The only way to be certain that your computer hard drive’s data is unusable is to destroy them in a secure, National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certified facility.

Bayaud’s AAA NAID certification is your guarantee that your hard drive destruction meets the most rigorous security standards. After your hard drive passes through our facility, the drive will be destroyed, and any information on it rendered unreadable.

Whether you choose to drop off or have one of our uniformed staff members pick up your hard drives, your items will follow our strict chain of custody and be destroyed in accordance with NAID specifications.

  • Each hard drive’s serial number is scanned and logged.

  • Trained staff destroy the hard drives in a secure location in our metal shredder.

  • Customers receive an itemized log of serial numbers and a Certificate of Destruction.

  • Bayaud maintains a copy of the serial number logs for one year.

  • Certified partners recycle the hard drive remains.

Hard Drives

  •  1-9 hard drives: $8 each
  •  10-19 hard drives: $7 each
  •  20 or more hard drives: $6 each
  •  For larger quantities, call for a quote
  • We do not take the whole computer and do not remove the hard drives

Back-up Tapes

  • $5 each

VHS Tapes and Audio Cassettes

  • $1 each

CD’s & DVD’s & Floppy Discs

  • $0.25 each

There is a minimum pick up charge for hard drives if not picked up in conjunction with a document shredding order.

Hard Drive Chain of Custody steps