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Document Services Pricing

document services pricing
64-Gallon Bin
42” h x 22”w x 29”d
document services pricing bin
36”h x 19”w X 19”d
hard drive destruction pricing
Hard drive Destruction

Secure Document Shredding Pricing

Bayaud can provide locked containers for ongoing use. Pricing below includes the use of the container(s) and no long term contract is required.

  • ONCE A MONTH (or scheduled) pick up

    One Container: $35 per pick up
    Two Containers: $45 per pick up
    Three Containers: $55 per pick up

  • EVERY OTHER WEEK pick up

    One Container: $25 per pick up
    Two Containers: $30 per pick up
    Three Containers: $35 per pick up

  • WEEKLY pick up

    One Container: $85 per month
    Two Containers: $100 per month
    Three Containers: $115 per month

  • ON-CALL service-You call to get on the schedule when your container needs serviced.

    One Container: $40 per pick up

  • PURGES (one-time or annual service) of BOXED material (we take boxes and all for this pricing)

    $40 minimum charge includes 1 to 20 boxes picked up, brought back to our secure facility and destroyed.
    Additional boxes (box 21 & up) are $2.50 each or $3.50 for large
    No stairs, material must be on main level, or ramp or elevator access

  • PURGES using 64 gallon bins that we provide to you

    $25 per bin used, with a min. charge of $40 if only one used
    Pricing includes delivery & removal of bins and material shredded. 
    If you do not have boxes or you want to keep your boxes, this would be your best option.

  • DROP OFF at our secure facility at 333 W. Bayaud Ave.

    Minimum charge $25 up to 275 lbs, 9 cents per additional lb.

  • Drop-off Hours:
    Monday-Thursday 8am-11:30am, Noon-2pm
    Closed Holidays-see FAQ page for list

  • Pricing is for the Denver greater metro area. Pricing in outlying area has a small up charge. Prices are subject to change.

Hard Drive Destruction Pricing

  • 1-9

    Hard drives: $8 each

  • 10-19

    Hard drives: $7 each

  • 20 or more

    Hard drives: $6 each

  • Back Up Tapes: $5 each
  • VHS & Audiocassette Tapes: $1 each
  • CD's: $0.25 each
  • For a large quantity call 303-996-6693