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Hard Drive Destruction

hard drive destruction

Deleting data from your hard drive doesn't eliminate it. It just hides it from immediate view. There are ways to permanently delete files, but they can be time-consuming and require a fair amount of computer skills. The only way to be certain that your computer hard drive's data is unusable is to destroy them in a secure, National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) certified facility.

NAID Certified Destruction Services

Bayaud's AAA NAID certification is your guarantee that your hard drive destruction meets the most rigorous security standards. After your hard drive passes through our facility, the drive will be destroyed, and any information on it rendered unreadable.

Pick Up or Drop Off Your Hard Drives

Whether you choose to drop off or have one of our uniformed staff members pick up your hard drives, your items will follow our strict chain of custody and be destroyed in accordance with NAID specifications.

Hard Drive Destruction Process

  • Each hard drive's serial number is logged.

  • Trained staff destroy the hard drives in a secure location.

  • Customers receive an itemized Certificate of Destruction.

  • Certified partners recycle the hard drives remains.


Hard Drives

  •  1-9 hard drives: $8 each
  •  10-19 hard drives: $7 each
  •  20 or more hard drives: $6 each
  •  For larger quantities, call for a quote

Back-up Tapes

  • $5 each

VHS Tapes and Audio Cassettes

  • $1 each

CD's & DVD's

  • $0.25 each

There is a minimum charge for hard drives not picked up in conjunction with a document shredding order.


You can find specific pricing information about all of our shredding services on our pricing page.