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8,000 individuals have been
served by Bayaud Enterprises.

Since 1969, Bayaud has served thousands of people with mental, physical, emotional, and economic disabilities find employment and dignity through vocational evaluations, training, job coaching, and placements.


Our employees have been
with Bayaud an average of 14 years.

Their longevity is your assurance that your items are being handled by trained professionals who are proud of the work they do.


4 Million pounds of paper didn't
go to landfills last year.

Bayaud shredded more than 4 million pounds of paper last year which were compacted into 1,200-pound bales and sent to recycling.

What We Can Shred for You

Hard drives
Floppy Disks

What Sets Bayaud Apart?


Bayaud provides top notch, AAA NAID certified paper and hard drive shredding for Denver homes and businesses. But unlike other document and hard drive destruction services, Bayaud is a local nonprofit that creates jobs for people with disabilities and other barriers to gainful employment. Our shredding services help fund Bayaud Enterprises, an organization that provides vocational programs that place people with physical, mental, emotional and economic barriers to employment, in private and government sector jobs. When you choose Bayaud, you help employ neighbors that wouldn’t otherwise have the ability to secure gainful employment. You can also visit our nonprofit website at www.bayaudenterprises.org or click on our About Us page.

You can find specific pricing information about all of our shredding services on our pricing page.